Build and Manage a Professional Membership Site with MemberPress

The Complete Step-by-Step Guide for Non-Techies

What if you could build and launch your new membership site yourself in 2 weeks or less, by following my exact, step-by-step, documented and video-recorded system?

I'm Ready

Does this sound like you?

You plan to build your new membership site yourself, but you are worried about the tech and learning curve.

You chose MemberPress as your membership plugin and Divi as your theme, but you aren’t experienced with them.

You want to have a membership and course platform, that is beautiful, professional and organized in a way that makes it easy and pleasant for your members to use it and happily visit it again and again?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the setup well enough to be able to confidently provide support for your members and students whenever it’s needed?

 If your response to the above is YES, then this message is for you.

You don’t have to pay someone a fortune to develop your membership site for you

If you hire an agency or a freelancer to develop the membership site for you, it can easily be a significantly higher cost than that you expected.

And we can’t blame them – there is a lot of time, energy and most often years of experience that they are bringing into projects like this.

But you don’t have to go through years of learning and getting a bunch of technical skills in order to avoid having to set aside thousand(s) of dollars to pay an agency to do it for you.

And you’re right – why would you pay someone else to do it, if you could do it yourself, with the right guide?

Hi, I’m Jelena, the founder of digital agency Jelena Digital Bor, and I’ve built, set up, designed and maintained membership sites for 50+ online entrepreneurs over the last 3+ years. And now I want to show you and guide you through building your very own membership site.

Stop the tech from being an obstacle in your membership site launch and management

Tech doesn’t have to be stressful.

In fact, instead of being stuck, if you could master the tech-side of your membership site, you could easily do whatever you want on your platform, right?

With this skill, you wouldn’t have to hire someone to set up your new membership, your promo offer or a coupon for your leads – you could do it yourself, as and when you need it.

No back-and-forth communication, no long email threads with an agency, no fuss.


“But all the big names just hire someone to build it out for them”

Yes, most big names pay an agency/developer to build the membership site for them – however, this is a 100% risk-free decision only if they are confident that the agency/developer will do high quality work.

Otherwise, some of the worst case scenarios are:

  • Either your launch date is procrastinated, over and over again, while you wait for the developer to finally get back to you.
  • Or, you hire someone to set up a membership site for you on a lower budget, they don’t do it right, you pay for ads to send people to your sales page, the payments are not working, cart gets abandoned, you lose customers.
  • Even worse, your brand reputation suffers!
  • Money lost, time lost, ENERGY lost…
  • And if you’re bad luck enough, you see all from the above happen.

…. And, you still would have invested time and money for that membership site.

Giving up control isn’t your cup of tea

And it doesn’t have to be.

It’s your membership site, your members, your brand, your fans – and you can do it.

With the right guide.

Introducing MemberPress DIY – Launch and Master Your WP Membership Site course.

Stacked up with step-by-step video lessons to guide you through building your WordPress membership site using MemberPress and Divi theme.

If your plan is to build your own membership site, by following straightforward instructions from someone whose agency business is based on building WordPress membership sites for years, then this course is for you.

Here’s what you get in this course:


Video lessons for all steps, from WordPress installation, updating DNS records, MemberPress setup to the final look of the site. No guesswork.


Key pages and must-have steps to set up and launch your membership site to get your platform up and running in no time.


Video lessons on most demanded membership site features like: setting up affiliate program with AffiliateRoyalepricing table with multiple membership levels (or tiers), automated emails, supported integrations, etc.


Video lessons to help you learn how your membership site really works in the back-end, as well as how you can best support your members and students. Support your members with confidence and save money on tech support.


New guides, new features and updates constantly added to the program and available to you at no additional cost. Stay on top of changes and new trends.


And if you ever get stuck with a feature or setup that is not covered in the course yet, just hit me an email and I will aim to create the guide you need and add it to the course. Hello deep understanding of your membership platform. Goodbye technical overwhelm and frustration.

What makes my MemberPress DIY – Launch and Master Your WP Membership Site course different


This program is designed to help you create a very professional and high-end membership site, every step of the way, using MemberPress and Divi theme.


It’s suitable for total beginners and non-techies.


Included real-world examples of membership sites built with MemberPress and Divi.


No free membership software whatsoever promised “for free”. You don’t want any piracy sh…. (clears throat) stuff installed on your membership site.


Discounts for other related courses as and when launched.


Lifetime access to the course and course updates.


This course is created by someone who has built an actual business around creating professional & high-end MemberPress membership sites for clients.

What MemberPress DIY – Launch and Master Your WP Membership Site is NOT


It’s not private coaching.


It’s not 1:1 private training.


It does not promise a free MemberPress plugin. A “free” or “included” MemberPress plugin “license” is pure piracy, hence why we don’t make such promises in this course.

This course is NOT for you if:


You won’t use self-hosted WordPress, with MemberPress as the membership plugin, and Divi by Elegant Themes as the theme for your membership site.


You are not willing to purchase your own MemberPress/Divi license for your membership site.


You are not ready to build your membership site from scratch, and you may be more into hiring an agency to take care of this for you.

Discover My Exact System for Building a MemberPress Membership Site

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