Jelena Jošić

Jelena Jošić

Entrepreneur | WordPress & Tech Consultant

Founder of digital agency Jelena Digital.

Hi, I’m Jelena!

And through this website, my team and I have got 2 missions:

1) To set online entrepreneurs, creatives, course creators and coaches free from the tech headache and tech-a-phobia. (And you don’t have to lose your sanity in the process.)

2) To help fellow stay-at-home moms develop in-demand skills in online business industry and start making the desired income, without sacrifising their life, family time and freedom they deserve – with the help of the lovely tech 🙂

Our mission

Helping online entrepreneurs get advantage from online technology, tools, software, automation and systems.

Our promise

We will always do our best, to bring the highest achieveable results for our clients. If there is anything that can be improved, or that can make any positive difference to our clients’ businesses, we care to implement it.

Our values

Every client must get the best possible experience and tech care. And every entrepreneur deserves life-work-income balance.

Our vibe

The knowledge base must always be growing and shared. There is no competition, only colleagues. The code must not be a spaghetti code.

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