Thrive Leads Review by a Long-Time User

by Jelena @ Tech With Care | 🕥 Updated October 22, 2022
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After years of using Thrive Leads on my websites, I’m writing this Thrive Leads review with a list of important Thrive Leads Pros and Cons from my own experience.

Thrive Leads is a lead generation WordPress plugin created by Thrive Themes, which helps you build your email list faster than with other plugins.

So here is a list of Thrive Leads Pro’s and Con’s, which is here to help you decide whether the plugin is worth purchasing.

Thrive Leads – PRO’s:

Design it as you like it, easy as a piece of cake!

The opt-in form design can be completely customized as per your needs and as much as you like.

How? Simply, with a drag-and-drop editor, the same one that their Thrive Architect page builder uses, with amazing design options, and all of that can be done directly on the front end.

I know no other lead generation software that allows you to do all this, and Thrive Leads made it easy.

For more advanced users, it comes with a built-in CSS editor for more advanced designs.

MULTIPLE connections for a single opt-in form

The opt-in form can be connected to more than 1 integration at the same time.

What that means is, you can have 1 opt-in form, that sends your leads data to i.e. your Zoom webinar and your ConvertKit account.

I also don’t know any other lead generation (opt-in form) plugins that allow you to connect it to more than 1 systems at the same time, for the same single opt-in form.

Pretty Cool, huh?

Loads of integrations available

Thrive Leads integrates with a bunch of other software that you use. Here’s a list of some of them:

  • Email Marketing:
    • ActiveCampaign
    • ConvertKit
    • MailerLite
    • GetResponse
    • InfusionSoft
    • Ontraport
    • MailChimp
    • SendGrid
    • Sendinblue
    • SendLane
    • SendReach
    • Sendy
    • iContact
    • HubSpot
    • AWeber
    • Constant Contact
    • Campaign Monitor
    • Drip
    • ArpReach
    • MadMimi
    • ClickTipp
    • Amazon SES
  • Webinars:
    • GoToWebinar
    • Zoom
    • WebinarJam Studio
  • Social Media:
    • Facebook for Developers
    • Twitter
  • eCommerce/Payment Processors:
    • SendOwl
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Google
    • Zapier.

Different opt-in form states for different leads based on their actions

You can set up different opt-in form ‘states’ that would be switching and showing to leads based on, for example, if they already signed up through that form.

And it all happens automatically, so you don’t have to worry about displaying the same opt-in form for the same offer to the lead that has already signed up for it.

Be careful though! In order for this system to work seamlessly, you gotta be consistent and have dedicated Thrive Leads opt-in forms for each offer.

Split testing (or A/B testing)

Not sure which offer will work better? Which freebie would get you more leads? Which lead magnet is what your audience is looking for? Or, what kind of opt-in form design converts best for your offer?

You don’t have to spend hours (or days!) figuring this out. Simply run a split test with Thrive Leads and test your variations.

Thrive Leads A/B testing will randomly display different opt-in form variations that you choose to your website visitors. With their extensive reports you can see which one(s) performed better over time.

You can set to manually choose the winner after some time, or let Thrive Leads system choose it for you, based on the data and performance, automatically.

Pro Tip:

When you do split testing, it’s better to test variations of a single variable, than testing variations for all kinds of variables. For example, it’s better to test different freebies with the same opt-in form design and the same place where the opt-in form will be displayed – this is better than testing different freebies with different opt-in form designs, and different opt-in form placements.

Sure, you can test everything you like and as many forms as you like in one go, you’ll still be able to see which opt-in form performed best. But, if you test all kinds of variables with their variations at the same time, you won’t be able to know which change was actually the key in your lead generation success.

So, what I would recommend here is to test a single variable at a time. For example, in a single split test, you should test only:

  • Which freebie your audience signs up for most, or
  • Different opt-in form designs to find out which one converts best, or
  • Different locations on your site for the opt-in form (with the same design and same freebie) to be displayed, etc.

Then, after those individual tests, ran one at a time, you can get a clear picture of all 3 variables, and you can then fully optimize your lead generation form, with the best of all 3 variables, to get you maximized results.

Thrive Leads has all the opt-in types that one may need

At this moment, these are the opt-in form types that Thrive Leads includes:

  • ‘In content’
  • ‘Lightbox’
  • ‘Post footer’
  • ‘Ribbon’
  • ‘Screen Filler’
  • ‘Scroll Mat’
  • ‘Slide in’
  • ‘Widget’
  • ‘PHP insert’
  • ‘Exit Intent pop-up’ – as part of the ‘Lightbox’ opt-in form type

Loads of professionally looking templates

And if you aren’t a designer, or if you don’t have a designer in your team – you can choose from professionally looking Thrive Leads templates which are designed to convert.

Of course, each template and each part of a template can be modified as you like.

You can buy it for a one-time price, with lifetime updates included

Yep. And it’s an extremely affordable price comparing to all the features and flexibility that Thrive Leads comes with.

For this one-time price, you would also get 1 year of technical support.

Thrive Leads CON’s

I know that this all sounds like Thrive Leads has no flaw, but still, it has some cons worth mentioning.

Learning Curve

Instead of getting up and running with your first lead generation element, you would first need to take some time to learn and understand how Thrive Leads works.

Another plugin to install (and also another one!)

Thrive Leads is another plugin to add to your site, in addition to the main Thrive Product Manager plugin (to rule them all).

Even though it shouldn’t slow your site down too much, many website owners might want to avoid piling up more plugins on their site (which is totally reasonable).

The bugs

Let me be honest, it does have bugs and it sure behaves buggy at times.

However, most WordPress plugins and themes do have their own bugs all the time, as it’s hard to ensure every plugin and theme is compatible with every other plugin and theme out there, in addition to the WordPress core itself.

Good news is – the glitches usually get fixed quickly, the Thrive Themes support is very quick to respond to all support tickets and they give the highest priority to resolving any reported bugs.


This article may contain affiliate links. Testing and reviewing software and tools is my love and the product of me being a tech-a-cholic is knowing what is good software and what isn't. Earning some side income is an additional reward for it. I only recommend stuff that I've tested and that I really like and/or personally use. 

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